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Only Men Would Build A Machine For This…

It’s proof that the world is still run by men. Women have been maligned and kept down for millennia, but even the advancements women’s rights groups made in the 20th century didn’t extend to sexual health in the same way that they did for men. Pharmaceutical companies developed ‘boner pills’ for men, and they quickly became one of the highest selling drug lines of all time. I doubt the Colombian drug lords can hold a candle to Pfizer and their little blue pills.

Now from China, we have the SW-3701 Automatic Sperm Collector. This little beauty can provide a “full range of visual and auditory sensation” and features “30-50mm of motion journey” and moves at a frequency of 0-2.5 Hz. Yes, it moves. Here’s a video of it.

Imagine being one of people who had to do the R&D for this product.

The company that produces it, Sanwe Medical Equipment Company, LTD seems to have a thing for men’s health equipment. Among their other product offerings are a Sperm Analyzer, and the Male Sexual Dysfunction Diagnostic Apparatus.

Listen, I think sexual health is very important, but I can’t help but wonder why someone needed to make a machine for this function. Social taboos? Efficiency? And how in the world do you clean it?