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Tookie Williams

I’m typing this at around 11pm CST, and in about four hours Tookie Williams is going to be put to death. Who is Tookie? And why should you care?

Well, let me tell you a little about Stan “Tookie” Williams. Tookie is a kind, caring man who has devoted his life to stopping gang violence. Tookie has spent the last years of his life in prison writing childrens books teaching kids to stay out of gangs. Tookie has given speeches to Churches and youth groups, and was even nominated for the Nobel Peace prize. Turn on the television and the activists are asking-How can we kill a man such as this?
In an ideal world the answer would be with a rope. In this world the answer will be Lethal Injection which works just as well for me.

Wow, I must be a heartless bastard to promote this execution. Yep. Heres how this particular peace activist ended up behind bars. (The following is an excerpt from CNN.com.)
On February 28, 1979, about 4 a.m., Williams and three friends got high on their psychedelic smokes and took two cars, a 12 gauge shotgun and a .22-caliber handgun to Pomona in search of a place to rob, according to court documents. They ended up at a 7-Eleven where Albert Owens, 26, was working the overnight shift, sweeping the parking lot.

The military veteran was a “redheaded, freckle-faced kid who had the biggest smile you wanted to see,” according to his older brother, Wayne Owens, 55, of Olathe, Kansas.

Albert Owens said, “Take everything you want,” says the now-retired prosecutor, Robert Martin, who remembers the case in detail.

Williams ordered Owens into a back room at gunpoint, shot out a security monitor, then ordered, “Get down on your knees, (expletive),” and shot him twice in the back, according to testimony. Williams “later laughed about it as he was eating his hamburger,” Martin says.

There were no witnesses other than accomplices.

Less than two weeks later, on March 11, Williams broke down the door at the Brookhaven Motel, ripping through four locks and shattering the molding, according to a prosecutor.

Killed were Yen-I Yang, 76; his wife, Tsai-Shai Yang, 63, and their visiting daughter, Yee-Chen Lin, 43. The Taiwanese immigrants were about to sell the business because the neighborhood had become too rough, Martin said.
(End Copy)

Oh yeah, and did I mention that this guy was responsible for founding the Crips-the ultra-violent California gang responsible for hundreds or thousands of deaths and murders in its war with gang rivals and innocent bystanders caught in the crossfire?

Did I mention that his childrens books sold 332 copies? Not exactly the far-reaching impact it sounds like he had, is it? I can’t imagine why nobody bought them. Surely a man who was brave enough to shoot a 73 year old man has some kind words of advice to give to the youth of today?

Did I also mention that his prison bank account has swollen to hold over $200,000.00 and that many police and prison officials feel that he is still in a leadership role with the Crips, running it from behind bars like a Mafia kingpin? Yeah, he sounds like a real winner.

In a couple of hours all of this will be over. Hopefully there won’t be too much violence on the streets in protest of this execution, it is the right thing to do to a horrible, violent man. Sleep tight.